Therapy Services Based in Matthews, North Carolina

Charlotte Therapy Center incorporates behavioral therapy that is solution focused and goal oriented. We listen to our Clients to gain the insight and perspective we need on an individual and personal level before we determine the best course of treatment.

Through thoughtful interaction and individualized attention, we empower our clients, creating a genuine pathway towards achievement of their goals. Contact us today to learn more.

How We Work

A hallmark component to therapy is establishing a therapeutic rapport, with acceptance of starting at the root of the client’s issue, and respect for where they are in their healing process. Our overall approach incorporates behavioral therapy, solution-focused, and goal-oriented approaches. From the very first session we will help you explore your issues and concerns, find your answers, and gain insight and perspective. Therapy is wonderful healing dialog and we are committed to your having a successful experience. Our mission is to offer you genuine presence, thoughtful interaction, and individualized attention.