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It’s not uncommon for men to have issues that can affect their mental and/or physical health, yet few men seek coaching. However, those who do tend to report the types of issues that often lead people in general to seek coaching, including relationship issues, anxiety, stress, and depression. Seeking coaching can be incredibly beneficial for anyone.

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Seeking Treatment

It’s unfortunate, but men seek coaching much less than women―though they often suffer from many of the same issues. It’s estimated that around 14% of American men experience mental health challenges of some sort, while 3% face what can be considered serious mental health issues. While 72% of women who have diagnosable depression will seek care, only 60% of men do. Additionally, despite the fact that men have a lower rate of depression than women, the suicide rate for men is four times as high.

Substance Abuse

Men and women are affected by substance abuse in different ways. For example, men are more likely to abuse alcohol and to die from a prescription opioid overdose. Additionally, men over the age of 18 have twice the substance dependence rate of women. Although substance abuse continues to be a serious problem, most men only receive treatment for it via the criminal justice system instead of seeking it out on their own through a mental health care provider.

What Is Masculinity?

Regarding masculinity, it is important to allow your natural, masculine process to help you navigate your experiences. Masculinity has its purposes. It is not wrong. What matters is how masculinity is manifested. You can do good things with it, or you can do bad things with it. Be responsible with masculinity and intentionally do good with it. Doing good things with your masculinity means acknowledging what you understand about masculinity in the first place. Exploring how and why you should manifest your masculinity appropriately can catapult your life and relationship into the stratosphere.

Toxic Masculinity is a Toxic Message

Society often consists of some very important and progressive messages that propel us to be better versions of ourselves. We, as a society, benefit from many of these messages and our evolution is evidence of that. However, we also benefit from applying some healthy skepticism to society’s messages. Some of those messages are often oversimplified and misleading, and offer no real solution; they simply point out a problem and do so in a careless way. Sometimes, it is downright lazy. The notion of “toxic masculinity” is not masculinity at all. It is something else: irresponsibility and self-centeredness. Challenge yourself to question the messages we hear.

Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

There are a lot of factors that contribute to depression and suicidal thoughts. Factors that contribute to the high suicide rate in men include a lack of mental health treatment for men, economic factors (such as financial troubles), bullying, relationship issues, isolation, and depression. Anyone who is struggling with feelings of depression, hopelessness, shame, or purposelessness should seek help.

Struggles With Fatherhood

Fatherhood can bring a lot of stress into the life of a man. The sense of responsibility for another’s life can cause plenty of stress as it is. Unfortunately, this stress can be significantly exacerbated by financial difficulties, less time to focus on the relationship with their partner, sleep deprivation, limited paternity leave, and even paternal postpartum depression. While most people are familiar with maternal postpartum depression, few people realize that paternal postpartum depression is a very real condition. It’s estimated that between 4% and 25% of men are affected by paternal postpartum depression.

Divorce can also take its toll on a man’s mental health. Most states side with the mother when it comes to issues regarding the child during a divorce, often causing men to be separated from their children despite their willingness and desire to remain caretakers. Due to the fear of losing their children, many fathers remain in relationships that are no longer loving.

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