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Self Esteem Therapy Based in Matthews, NC

The opinion you have of yourself is known as self-esteem. Self-esteem closely relates to confidence that you have in yourself and your abilities in day-to-day life. When you have confidence, you have a positive outlook of yourself, your abilities, and life in general. When you lack confidence or self-esteem, you tend to be more negative or critical of yourself. You’re also more likely to not feel capable of taking on challenges and problems presented to you daily, leaving you feeling worn down and unsure of yourself. Therapy is an excellent option to create lasting change with your self-confidence by presenting you with tools and techniques to deal with daily life.

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Do I Have Confidence Issues?

Confidence and self-esteem issues often stem from childhood. As a child, we continually receive feedback from parents, teachers, siblings, friends, and even the media about ourselves and how we measure up. If you find it difficult to live up to expectations set by yourself and those around you, and as a result, you lose faith in your abilities, you may be experiencing issues with confidence or self-esteem. This is especially the case if receiving positive feedback does not improve your sense of self. Working with a counselor on your confidence issues can help you identify your negative beliefs about yourself and challenge them.

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The Impact of Confidence Issues

Confidence issues impact all facets of your life. The three most impacted are your sense of self, your relationships with others, and your performance in the workplace. First and foremost, confidence impacts the way you see yourself. Low confidence can create the idea in your mind that you aren’t good enough, reinforcing self-doubt and fear.

Low self-esteem can also impact your relationships with others. Have you ever looked back on an interaction and beat yourself up over it? Most people have, but if this is something you face with regularity, your self-esteem may be impacting your relationships. You may find yourself being overly critical of yourself, comparing yourself to others, or straining yourself to be accepted by others, leading to resentment.

In the workplace, you may have doubts about your abilities, take constructive criticism too far, second guess your actions, or not accept compliments for your contributions. This can impact your performance at work, as well as your satisfaction with your career.

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How Can Counseling Improve My Self Confidence?

Working with a counselor can have a dramatic impact on your confidence levels. Self-esteem is not something that will fix itself on its own, it does take work. Electing to speak with a therapist about your confidence issues can dramatically improve the view of yourself. Therapists can talk through the root of your dysfunctional thinking and give you skills to combat it when those thoughts arise.

Together, you can work to redefine failure, generate new problem-solving skills, and address any relationship issues you may be facing. The therapists at Charlotte Therapy Center have years of experience working with people struggling with self-confidence.

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You are not alone when coping with confidence issues. Our therapists work to empower people to see their true selves and embrace their potential daily. At Charlotte Therapy Center, you’ll have a sounding board that is affirming and supportive, not judgmental or critical.

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