Why do people seek out therapy?

People come into therapy for many reasons. Psychotherapy or counseling can provide support and skills-building for coping with challenges such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship troubles, unresolved childhood trauma, bereavement, work conflicts, stress management, loss, drug or alcohol abuse, etc. Therapy is an active, engaging way to identify what's not working in your life and relationships and to develop the skills needed to have more of what you want and need.

What can I expect during a therapy session?

During therapy sessions you can expect to express your struggles and worries, along with your goals and dreams. Therapy styles differ from therapist to therapist, but the general concept is to work with you to help you overcome whatever barriers you have encountered, gain insight to your own life and how to maximize your potential. However, you ultimately decide which direction therapy will go; the therapist is there to help navigate your way.

Do you accept insurance?

Charlotte Therapy Center accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna insurance as well as private pay Clients. For most Clients who do not have Blue Cross Blue Shield or Cigna, an invoice can be given to you to be submitted to your insurance provider for an out of network reimbursement, or a similar method of reimbursement. Please contact us anytime for details.

Why pay someone to just talk to?

Some of us are fortunate to have a wise and understanding person with whom we are close who will to listen to our problems, and may not need professional help. However, when that isn't enough, we may need a professional to help navigate through some of life's struggles.

How does "talking" make problems go away?

There is a lot of therapeutic value in talking to someone about your concerns, especially with a professional. Many might say that pain shared is pain lessened. This is a wonderful and effective concept. Yet, this may only be a part of making problems "go away". When talking to a professional you can begin to recognize what hinders you as well as how to change them.

Do therapists often see clients after normal business hours?

Understanding that many clients are business people, we will make some accommodations for those who simply can't come in during normal business hours. Session may be held in the evenings or early in the morning.