Men’s Issues Therapy in Charlotte Area

In modern society, men can have trouble understanding the role of masculinity in their everyday life. This can be due to the fact that men are both expected to exemplify strength and masculinity while also trying to embrace a gentler character meant to dismiss traditional gender roles. This can create cognitive dissonance that dramatically impacts one’s mental health and relationships. The therapists at Charlotte Therapy Center can help men to think through and overcome internal conflicts.

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Why Should Men Go to Therapy?

Relationships are something that should be treasured. Navigating relationships can present a variety of challenges for men. This can cause strife between partners, lower one’s self-esteem, and impact the ability to work through everyday obstacles. Seeking assistance from a Charlotte-area therapist with men’s issues can help to:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn new communication techniques
  • Establish relational skills
  • Learn to emotionally support your partner
  • Recognize and understand emotions
  • Develop techniques to overcome challenges
  • Start taking initiative and responsibility for your actions

Typically, men are hesitant to be outspoken about these struggles, despite them being such common issues. When men choose to not work through these issues or speak about difficulties with others, they cannot make improvements. Making the decision to see a therapist is an excellent idea for men with any type of struggle in their life, as it makes room for them to progress on intrapersonal and relationship skills.

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Join Our Men’s Group

Charlotte Therapy Center offers a monthly men’s group that meets on the last Thursday of every month. The focus of the group is Navigating Relationships: Strategies for Men’s Success in Relationships.  Together, you’ll work to develop specific tools and skills that make relationships work. This group is a tremendous opportunity to grow and become the best you can be in your relationship.  Specialist in men’s mental health, Ed Nissan, LCSW, recommends attending if you’re interested in developing these skills further and finding greater fulfillment as a man.

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Men’s Issues Therapy Services in Matthews, NC

As a man, you are not alone in navigating relationships and your emotions. Whether you’re looking to improve your self-confidence, your relationships or the way you communicate with others, Charlotte Therapy Center can help.

Together we can work to find new ways to communicate, cope, and create healthy, long-lasting relationships. Contact us today to begin your mental health journey.

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