Codependency Therapy in the Charlotte Area

For those whose spouses or loved ones suffer from addiction, mental illness, or chronic physical illness, it can be easy to cross the line from being caring and supportive to being codependent, which is an unhealthy state that can affect the emotional and mental health of the caregiver. In order to have healthy, mutually beneficial relationships, it is important to identify the causes and signs of codependency and treat it effectively. At Charlotte Therapy Center, we provide therapy services that help to treat codependency and the conditions that are often associated with it, such as depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. We serve clients throughout the Charlotte area, including Ballantyne, Concord, Gastonia, Mint Hill, Matthews, and beyond.

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What is Codependency?

Codependency often occurs in relationships where one person is physically or mentally ill or has substance abuse problems. The caregiver will often suppress his or her own needs and emotions, focusing all attention on the needs of the partner. This leads to an unhealthy dynamic in which the nurturing behavior encourages or enables poor behavior in the ill partner, often leading to one-sided, emotionally or physically abusive relationships. The codependent partner feels obligated to care for the ill partner and will often make excuses or cover for bad, abusive, or illegal behavior. The caregiving relationship becomes the primary purpose for the codependent partner, and it may be hard to say “no” or take control of the relationship.

Signs of Codependency

Codependency can often be identified by the following characteristics, which can vary in intensity:

  • Making excessive sacrifices for the needs of a partner
  • Taking on the lion’s share of responsibility
  • Lacking the ability to say “no” or place limits on a partner’s demands
  • Making excuses for poor behavior like abuse or alcohol and drug use
  • Feeling trapped in the relationship
  • Avoiding arguments by hiding feelings or opinions
  • Worrying excessively about the opinions of others
  • Feeling guilty for being assertive
  • Fear of being alone, or dependence on an unhealthy relationship

It is important to identify the signs of codependency in order to encourage healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships.

Treatment for Codependency in Gastonia, NC

If you or a loved one suffers from codependency, our licensed therapists at Charlotte Therapy Center can help. We can identify contributing factors and recommend behavioral therapies that can help to improve your relationships, your sense of self-worth, and your overall well-being. Our codependency therapy can help you work toward:

  • Identifying and promoting your own thoughts and feelings
  • Improving communication with your partner and setting boundaries
  • Identifying and eliminating abusive or unhealthy behaviors
  • Avoiding compulsive caretaking or enabling behaviors

We strive to give you the tools to take control of your relationship and create a healthy, firm foundation for the future, whether that means working to improve your current relationship or realizing that it is time to step back and make yourself the priority.

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