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In the past, relationships were seen as pretty straightforward. However, this has changed over the years. Monogamy is no longer the only option for many couples. As such, some couples are seeking to pursue alternative relationships. These alternative relationships can be just as healthy as a more traditional monogamous relationship, and it all depends on the people involved as to whether they will work or not. However, all relationships, whether traditional or alternative, depend on one thing in order to succeed: good communication between the parties involved.

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What is an Alternative Relationship?

An alternative relationship is a relationship that is consensually non-monogamous. This means that both parties in the primary relationship have agreed to see other people outside of their relationship while still keeping their primary relationship intact. This could mean having relationships outside of your primary relationship that are purely sexual, purely emotional, or both sexual and emotional. This kind of an alternative relationship is often known as an “open relationship.”

Many couples explore alternative relationships as a way to remain interested in one another and to avoid the dishonesty that’s associated with cheating. An alternative relationship is not considered “cheating” because the couple not only has an explicit understanding that their relationship is open, but they communicate about their other partners.

Relationship Counseling for Open Relationships

Open relationships still have some stigma attached to them because of how strongly many people believe in the traditional monogamous relationship. However, both can be healthy options, and many couples in open relationships have managed to maintain long, healthy relationships. However, to maintain a healthy open relationship, communication is incredibly important. First of all, it has to be consensual on both sides. Additionally, you have to be open about the relationships that you have outside of your primary relationship. Because of this, many couples who are in an open relationship or who are considering one will seek relationship counseling.

Relationship counseling is an excellent way to ensure that both you and your partner are able to communicate with each other clearly. It can be scary to discuss your feelings openly if one or both of you have brought up the idea of having an open relationship. Relationship counseling can help ensure that there’s no miscommunication between the two of you. It can also help to strengthen the trust that you have in each other as well as further explore the idea of an alternative relationship and what it entails.

Of course, relationship counseling is not just for couples who want to explore open relationships or who are in an alternative relationship. Relationship counseling is just as helpful and important for couples who want to maintain a long and healthy monogamous relationship as well.

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