Men’s Coaching Program in Matthews, NC & the Surrounding Areas

A relationship with an intimate partner is one of the most important, rewarding, and challenging constructs of any man’s day-to-day life. Keeping a balance between the needs of your partner, your needs, and your goals and aspirations can be difficult, but with our men’s coaching program at Charlotte Therapy Center, we can help you develop the tools you need to strengthen your relationship, enrich your character, and discover a deeper sense of purpose.

Located in Matthews, NC, Charlotte Therapy Center provides effective, evidence-based therapies for a wide range of interpersonal, emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. Our licensed therapists are friendly, respectful, and equipped to help with far-ranging issues from relationship and confidence issues to depression, anxiety, and PTSD. We serve clients from all over the Charlotte, NC area, including Ballantyne, Concord, Gastonia, Mint Hill, and beyond.

Work towards a healthier, mutually beneficial relationship with our men’s coaching program from Charlotte Therapy Center. Contact us today to learn more.

The Goals of Our Men’s Coaching Program

We have designed our men’s coaching program to help you to realize your strengths, become the best version of yourself, and make lasting, real-world improvements to your intimate relationships. Through our program, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses by assessing your assertiveness, character, frame, and confidence, which we call the “Four Pillars” of self-discovery.
  • Learn, understand, and internalize the concepts and fundamentals of the program through one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Determining which principles will aid you best in your growth as a person, and then working towards them.
  • Elevate your sense of self by developing and nurturing your sense of purpose.
  • Understand the masculine and feminine processes in relationships in order to create a more harmonious partnership that reflects the best aspects of yourself.

Is This Program Right for You?

Our men’s coaching program at Charlotte Therapy Center may have benefits for you if:

  • You would like to improve your value as a partner
  • You want to build a solid, harmonious foundation for your relationship
  • You would like to improve your character and exude confidence and assertiveness in every interaction
  • You would like to further develop your sense of purpose so that you can confidently attain your goals

What Does the Program Consist Of?

Our men’s coaching program is a year-long, biweekly program that offers extreme flexibility for busy professionals. The schedule includes:

  • 24 one-on-one coaching sessions approximately two weeks apart, or two per month
  • A 12-session virtual practice group, real-time virtual training, and online coaching portal
  • 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month assessments complete with detailed PDF reports outlining your progress and results
  • Monthly men’s in-person group sessions
  • Reading materials that reinforce the program’s core lessons

Ongoing assessments and reports will help us to evaluate your progress through the program and make personalized adjustments that help tailor the program to better meet your needs and goals. Our men’s coaching program is built around its three major components, which are one-on-one sessions, your own personalized program, and the real-world application of the program’s fundamentals.

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