Executive Coaching

With the Precision of this executive coaching program, the unnecessary guesswork is removed.

Coaching with Ed Nissen requires an exploration of unconventional experience relative to our usual experiences with the necessary caution to avoid needless chaos, but with enough courage to face the danger that comes with the unknown.

Personality is our own unique way of perceiving and navigating the world, which is developed on a foundation of an inherent temperament and somewhat shaped over time by early developmental experiences. Over time, the particulars of our personality become better suited for dealing with certain situations and personalities.

Mastery over our personality means we can channel different aspects of personality to drive our behaviors based on the current environment or the unique personality with whom we are interacting. Such mastery affords us tremendous adaptability as we move from personality to personality and throughout different circumstances.


The Goals

I have designed the precision coaching program to assist you in understanding your personality, sorting out your faults and virtues, mapping out a way to make meaning, and discovering a sense of purpose. This program covers the following areas:

  • Big Five Assessment
  • Faults and Virtues Conceptualization
  • Personality Reconciliation Plan
  • Meaning Mapping
  • Discovery of Purpose Outlining
  • Integration Aims
  • Shadow Confrontation
  • Four Pillars Clarification
  • Customized Supplemental Reading List


The Precision Coaching program may have benefits for you if:

  • You would like to improve the meaning of your life
  • You would like to develop a deepened sense of purpose
  • You would like to develop an inner roadmap to environments optimally suited for you
  • You would like to broaden yourself to better manage a wide range of personalities and environments


The Precision Coaching Program is a 6-month-long, biweekly program that offers intense yet manageable modules designed to fit your personality, needs, and goals.

Below is an outline of the program:

Big Five Assessment

  • Voucher for assessment
  • Clarification of report
  • Establish a baseline of faults and virtues
  • Rank traits based on focus needs


Faults and Virtues Conceptualization

  • Clarification of how each trait contributes to your life success
  • Insight into the value of mastering the virtues of each trait in your personality
  • Clarification of how each trait impedes your life success
  • Insight into how they could benefit from living according to your personality


Personality Reconciliation Plan

  • Identify 1-3 areas in your life where each trait will help improve
  • Develop a plan to broaden personality based on trait deficit priority
  • Identify traits with which your behavioral patterns are incongruent with your personality
  • Develop a plan to “honor your personality” and “live accordingly” to any traits with which you are living incongruently


Meaning Mapping


  • Identify high-level low-resolution goal
  • Identify roles within that goal
  • Identify facets of each role
  • Identify notable aspects of each facet
  • Identify approximately four components of each aspect
  • Identify approximately four implementable actions of each component
  • Draw out a bubble map



  • Practice gratitude with each implementable action
  • Consciously make the associations between actions-components, aspects, facets, and low-resolution goal
  • Reflect on the meaningful implication each action has in each role you play


Discovery of Purpose Outlining

  • Pay attention to your interactions with others
  • Notice what it is about you that makes them walk away better than when they came to you (executive judgments required)
  • Identify patterns with what you say and do in those times when they walk away better
  • Replicate these patterns of language and behavior
  • Notice patterns of when the replication worked and didn’t work
  • Identify your states of mind and emotion when the replications worked
  • Practicing being in those states of mind and emotion
  • Journal and share with those who understand you to gain clarity into what makes your life is purposeful
  • Begin identifying your sense of purpose (you’re on your own)


Integration Aims

  • Identify current beliefs about yourself
  • Identify developing beliefs based on a new understanding of personality
  • Discuss and contemplate how to make any diametrically opposed beliefs and understandings work
  • Allow conflict between beliefs, virtues, and morals force you to be precise with your actions with others
  • Learn how to revolutionize the rules of your personality


Shadow Confrontation

  • Identify fears and rank them as best as possible
  • Identify reasons for these fears
  • Identify the need to face these fears
  • Be open to the idea that gifts exists in your fears
  • Become conscious of how your story is playing out in your life in ways that reveal new layers of understanding of your experiences
  • Begin consciously authoring your story


Four Pillars Clarification

  • Provide insight into the concepts of Assertiveness, Character, Frame, and Confidence

  • Identify deficiencies with each pillar

  • Establish the need, if any, to solidify Assertiveness before addressing the other three pillars

  • Rank strength you have in each pillar

  • Incorporate areas of focus with pillars into family, social, and professional relationships

  • Report on victories and failures in your attempts to elevate each pillar in these domains

Customized Supplemental Reading List

  • 1-3 book suggestions based on preliminary analysis of personality reports and low-resolution goal
  • Modify/add book suggestions based on progress, significant developments after the first session, and setbacks
  • Reevaluate the depth and challenge of book suggestions, defaulting to pushing toward more challenging books

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