Corporate Training


Personality is how we navigate the world, and different people navigate it differently because each individual has a unique personality. Through personality work and a focus on meaning, this training seeks to enhance a sustainable pursuit of meaningful insights into team members’ personalities. Integrating such a collective pursuit into the team’s orientation toward excellence in their service output specifically targets human performance on both an individual and group level. Enhancing the team’s orientation in this way is achieved, ultimately, not only by each individual understanding their personality but also by each member understanding others’ personalities in a professional context that is both meaningful and productive. Lastly, gaining such meaningful insights in a professional context broadens the team’s collective values and strengths, improving their orientation towards service excellence with greater precision. As a result, the team as a whole will have added a highly impactful tool in their repertoire to further optimize their productivity.


Training Development

There will be times when the current environment is optimally suited for our personality. This also means there will be times when it isn’t. However, personalty in and of itself is complex and challenging to comprehend. This training has been designed to make these complexities accessible to individuals within a team. 

Ed Nissen has complied countless hours studying research, acquiring knowledge from some of the greatest minds in psychology, accumulating clinical experience with clients working on personality in the context of their personal and professional pursuits, and has devoted much of his time to become nuanced in personality psychology. Collectively, this has afforded him, along with other various clinical experiences, a broad and deep understanding of human dynamics when it comes to all types of relationships.

Personality, particularly certain traits, is the second most reliable predictor of life success outcomes, second only to IQ. The Five-Factor Model (also known as the Big 5, which we will use from this point on) is regarded as the most psychometrically valid personality model. The scientific methods used to conduct research for this model are more advanced than those used during the development of other personality models, most notably, the Myers-Briggs. This is not discount the value of the Myers-Briggs, but it is to provide scientific insights into the fact that it has been disproved by modern science, which indicates that it is not reliable nor predictable. There are other popular personality models commonly used in corporate settings, but there is no need to mention them here due to the lack of scientific validation they hold. 

Lastly, because personality psychology, specifically the Big 5, provides clarity and insights into ourselves that we would otherwise never have, it positions us to be more precise with our interactions with others. In turn, the quality of communication can be greatly enhanced, and barriers that usually come with personality differences can be transformed into steppingstones that profoundly improve compatibility. It is the achievement of a highly nuanced yet strong compatibility that can afford teams to be a force to be reckoned with. 


Course Content

The course includes a general overview of personality catered to professional settings. First, the overview will cover the concepts of personality relative to corporate-level needs. Then, each participant will undergo a brief individual consultation to discuss the highlights of their Big 5 assessment results. The majority of the course will then consist of interactive group sessions to discuss the implications of personality as individuals and the interactional dynamics of the team as a whole. Lastly, a discussion will be held to discuss strategic optimization based on the team’s dynamics, given each members’ personality. An outline of the training is provided on the next page.



The goals of this course are to teach individuals of a professional team not only how to gain insights into their personalities but also how to continue doing so long after the training. Additionally, the goals of this training are designed to help each team member utilize the strengths of their personality and accurately identify the nuance of the faults of them so that personal development can be done with greater precision. Lastly, the collective awareness of the strengths and faults of other team members’ personalities gives rise to achieving a level of compatibility unparalleled by any other aspects of human nature. With the successful implementation of the training material, your team will have acquired an invaluable asset in its repertoire of skills for continually improving the excellence of your productivity.


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