Carolynn Moore, LCSWA (virtual)

My name is Carolynn Moore. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (LCSWA), and my focus is your focus. My desire as a clinician is to aid you in finding whatever it is that you may be struggling with, whether within yourself or outside factors, and help you navigate life’s ups and downs.

I aim to be more than just an ear. I am here to listen and be a lifeboat in a sea of change, to be there for you when you feel like you are drowning. I have experience working with all levels of need, whether you are experiencing anxiety or depression or are simply experiencing life stressors.

I utilize an eclectic approach in my therapeutic repertoire based on each individual client’s situation and needs. I tend to take on a Humanistic or person-centered approach while we familiarize and identify your needs. From there, I will expand on your needs and identify a more suitable approach, such as looking at solution-focused or family system needs. Together we will work on identifying strengths and focus on building them while also addressing any barriers that may be hindering your success.

Are you prepared to explore yourself? Are you eager to dive deep within and overcome these challenges and obstacles you face? If you are ready, reach out to me today to schedule a consultation, and together we will work to help you grow!