A Guide to Practicing Character Building

  • September 9, 2019 |
  • 3:23 pm |
  • Ed Nissen, MSW, LCSW

People generally want others to be supportive, understanding, and to provide them with a degree of comfort and safety. In relationships, people need to know you are capable of this and that you have the character to meet the needs of the relationship. How you respond to the other person’s emotions, distress, and/or criticism is a direct reflection of your character. There are subtle skills with which people continually assess your character and gauge your worth and credibility as it pertains to your relationship with them. These assessments are a way of understanding facets of your character while providing opportunities for building character.

The better your character and the more positively you can respond to others, the more highly they will perceive your value. Character building opportunities are often concealed within…

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