A Guide to Practicing Assertiveness

  • November 26, 2018 |
  • 4:38 pm |
  • Ed Nissen, MSW, LCSW

Most people are familiar with the concept that, “Communication is key to a successful relationship”. Although this is true, it is imperative that it be quality communication. Talking is easy. Using the right language and thoughtfully choosing the right words requires creativity. In conflict, people may often experience attacks on their character, leaving the person defending themselves. Assertiveness helps to end unnecessary attacks on the person with whom there is conflict, as well as preventing one from needlessly defending their words and actions. Most people automatically resort to offensive attacks or rely on defensive strategies when engaged in conflict. These methods of operations are used to win wars, not diffuse them. In relationship conflict, offensive attacks and defensive strategies only reinforce the other’s stance or, worse, drive them away defeated.

Three-Second Rule

The Three-Second Rule is taking three seconds to respond to a question or statement, allowing time for several more thoughts to come to mind, providing you with a more effective response. Effective responses will…

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